FOSTPL celebrates National Friends of Libraries Week 2015!

FOSTPL Board Member Cynthia Richards at Tutu Park Mall
FOSTPL Board Member Cynthia Richards at Tutu Park Mall

Board members of the Friends of St. Thomas Public Libraries made the most of National Friends of Libraries Week by promoting reading, distributing books, and community outreach during the week of October 18-24, 2015. During this time, residents were urged to view and sign the petition calling for more service at the new Charles W. Turnbull Regional Library on St. Thomas, as well as encouraged to share a good book and Read Aloud.

Last weekend, at Tutu Park Mall, Cynthia Richards met with passing shoppers and shared the petition along with lots of great books distributed free to all who wanted them.  At Addelita Cancryn Junior High School both children and adults gathered to enjoy the books of their choice. 

At the Yacht Haven Grand “Boo Party” FOSTPL board member Carol Lotz-Felix made the rounds collecting signatures for the petition: “Great success….never saw so many costumes and kids in one place. It rained lightly for the hour plus I was there. Great way to get signatures of people huddled under umbrellas. I got 38 sigs in 70 minutes. One guy gave me a good tag line “its a no-brainer” that a library should be open when the public can use it,” Carol shared.

Dr. Patricia Harkins-Pierre hosted the HUM 115: Introduction to the Humanities class, providing a Read Aloud celebration. David Edgecombe, our resident playwright and movie producer, originally from Monserrat, was the featured guest author. He and Dr. Harkins-Pierre read aloud from their works, spoke about the importance of literacy and libraries, then answered questions. Nearly twenty students each read a short poem aloud from either Harkins-Pierre’s Prophets of Morning Light collection, or from UVI’s literary journal, The Caribbean Writer.

“We had a wonderful time and some of the students were reluctant to leave. A few students did activate their UVI library account and several of them expressed interest in going to the Turnbull Regional Library and getting a library card,” said Harkins-Pierre. “Not one student had been to the regional library and neither had our distinguished guest.”

FOSTPL Board President Judy King-Edmeade praised the coordinators of the week’s activities: “On behalf of the Board of Directors I would like to thank Carmen Hamilton and Dr. Patricia Harkins-Pierre for your collaboration, planning and organization of the events for the Friends of Libraries week for the Friends of St. Thomas Public Libraries. It was a yeoman’s job and those events that were hosted were of true benefit to our community.”

To the board members who participated, she added, “Together Everyone Achieves More. Whether your contribution was great or small it was appreciated and made the difference in conveying to the community that literacy is important and the Friends are back in business. Keep up the great work TEAM!”

The motto of the Friends of St. Thomas Public Libraries is “Raising visibility of our libraries to the community!” – spread the good word by following our Facebook page and subscribe to our blog to keep up with all that’s happening with FOSTPL.

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