The African Diaspora Youth Development Foundation, Inc. will be holding its 34th Annual Black History Month Program entitled, “The Nab Eddie Bobo Lecture, Plaque and Photo series.” This year the organization will honor the memory of June V. Lindqvist, Librarian Extraordinaire on Saturday, February 20, from 5-7 pm in the Ralph M. Paiewonsky Library at the University of the Virgin Islands St. Thomas campus.

June V. Lindqvist archival photo (via The African Diaspora Youth Development Foundation, Inc.)

Ms. Lindqvist devoted her life to the upliftment of people by using her skills and insight as a librarian and curator of the Enid Baa Library and Archives Von Scholten Collection. The Collection, consisted thousands of rare documentation of the history, culture and people of the Virgin Islands, in particular and the Caribbean, in general.

Ms. Lindqvist, was also well known and active participant of the Gypsies Carnival Troupe; a troupe that has many of her beloved friends and family members as participants.

Guest Speaker for the evening will be Mr. Steve Bornn, a very close relative and cohort of Ms. Lindqvist.

Light refreshments will be available. Bring the family, the session is free.