The Day Care Literacy Program Needs You!

kids-6Do you really want to help the children of the VI?

We need volunteers to introduce books to young children in day care programs. This project is sponsored by The Friends of the Library. It takes less than an hour between 9-11 am to take the packet of books we provide to a center convenient for you.

Read to a group, make it fun, introduce new words, great characters, exciting stories and concepts and enjoy watching those eager young minds light up.

If you work, maybe you can get the hour off and make it up by late or early.

If you’re a stay at home mom, take your child along.

If you’re retired but travel sometimes…some is better than none or pair with someone.

This is such a vital activity. You can change a child’s life. And it is so much fun for everyone. We’re starting next week. Please call Carol Lotz Felix at 340 201 6627 for more info.

— FOSTPL Past President and Day Care Literacy Program Director Carol Lotz Felix

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