Volunteers Needed at The Turnbull Library Computer Center

Become a Volunteer at One of 33 Public Computer Centers
Any member of the community who likes to help people and has just a little time to spare is being asked to volunteer at one of the 33 free USVI Public Computer Centers (PCC). Volunteers are needed to offer general assistance with logging in, accessing free training, building a resume, applying for a job online, searching the Web, finding documents for school and business, or lending a hand at special events.
See a listing of free PCCs at www.vingn.com/pcc.aspx. In just a few hours, a volunteer can make a big difference in someone’s life and sharpen his or her own digital literacy and soft skills.
Orientation and free resources are available.
Contact Anita Davis for details at 715-8581, ext. 2244, or e-mail adavis@vingn.com.
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