Back to School Night at the Library

The Department of Education, The Turnbull Regional Library and The Friends of the St Thomas Public Libraries hosted a BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT at the LIBRARY event of August 19th.

The event was a success, well attended and all participants, both parents and children, had a great time.   Activities included storytelling, poetry reading, arts and crafts and a scavenger hunt.

The highlight of the night was the performance of the Mellow Magician, who, despite having to do his tricks within feet of the audience, dazzled both children and their parents with his close-up magic tricks.

Hopefully, with the success of this event, as well as last year’s, the Back to School Night will be an annual celebration of literacy at the Turnbull Library.


Volunteer board members of The Friends of the St Thomas Public Library.

(left to right)  Bonnie Bragga, Nina Fovour, Kathy Schlesinger, Drew Russo and Monique Simon.

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