An Afternoon at Caribbean Genealogy Library with researcher Jens Villumsen

April 6th, 2019 at 2pm, the Caribbean Genealogy Library will host a presentation by Jens Villumsen. His research includes Virgin Islands Danish Cemeteries; the very Early History of St. Thomas (1666); Governor Peter von Scholten and others. He will speak largely on Virgin Islands Danish Cemeteries and the very Early History of St. Thomas (1666).

About Jens and his Lecture:

My name is Jens Villumsen. My interest in the Danish West India Islands came from my school-time; I never heard one word about the former Danish West India Islands, so I got curious: What’s the history?

That’s how my interest started; I use a lot of my time transcribing the old files from Gothic handwriting, mostly files related to the Danish West India Islands. Peter von Scholten, the earliest Danes in Caribbean, Fireburn and several other items. I write articles in magazines and have been researching for some Danish authors related to West India history (Mich Vraa and Alex Frank Larsen). This is my 5th visit to the Islands.

In the lecture I expect to start to tell and show what I have just found in the library, the birth/baptism of an illegitimate daughter of Peter von Scholten. Next, I will tell of some of the old Danish graves in the cemeteries in USVI and discuss how you can access information about the cemeteries online.

One of the graves I will tell about is in the Historic Danish Cemetery in Charlotte Amalie, the grave of Peter von Scholten’s mother, and tell about the circumstances, when and how she died. And from there I’ll continue to Peter’s father, Casimir Wilhelm von Scholten, Commander of St. Thomas and St. John. Most books and articles say that he died and was buried in the West India Islands. I have found the true story and will tell about, how and where he died, and where he is buried.

The story of the very early Danish period in St. Thomas history starts with Kjeld Jensen Slagelse, who established the Lutheran-evangelic congregation in St. Thomas 1666. Or with the even earlier Danish interest in the Caribbean or West Indies. We have some information from the travel in 1665-66 and home again 1668-69. What happened on their travel, where did they go, who did they meet, what problems did they meet in St. Thomas etc. Kjeld Jensen Slagelse was with Jørgen Iversen Dybbøl on board the “Faroe” for the colonization in 1672. And we have information on what happened to him and to his wife. The first congregation in 1672 build the fort with the church, and the first pastors, who they were. And how about the periods when there were no pastors?

Questions are welcome, and if there is enough time, I have some other stories to share.

Lectures and workshops at the Caribbean Genealogy Library are free for current members. The public is welcome. It is $5 to attend. For membership information visit:

Official release; the Caribbean Genealogy Library is located in Al Cohen’s Plaza; at the top of Raphune Hill on St. Thomas, USVI. The library is on the 2nd floor of Building 3. It is above the Paint Depot; and next to Mango Tango Art Gallery.

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