VI Source: FOSTPL 2020 Annual Meeting Highlights

The Friends of St. Thomas Public Libraries hosted its Annual Meeting on Thursday in the auditorium of the Charles Wesley Turnbull Regional Library. The meeting was also attended by Acting Territorial Libraries Director Arlene Pinney-Benjamin, Head Librarian Symra Chinnery-Wilkinson and Administrator Kim Blackett.

Appreciation was shared for the Friends of St. Thomas Public Library membership and board that remained active throughout the long recovery from Hurricanes Irma and Maria with maintaining mission and continuing the organization’s most viable and vital program, the Day Care Literacy Program spearheaded by Carol Lotz-Felix.

FOSTPL President Drew Russo acknowledged Lotz-Felix’s dedication along with that of the many volunteers who have sorted and carried books to various day care centers to read to children weekly. He also announced that the storage arrangements for these and the group’s book re-purposing needs, is being upheld thanks to a generous donation from the estate of his late father Vincent “Mr. Russo” Russo.

Board members elected were:

Alayna Belshe
Jessica Geller
Carmen Hamilton
Patricia Harkins-Pierre
Judy King-Edmeade
Drew Russo
Kiese Sam
Kathy Schlesinger
Monique Simon
Barbara Young
Tonya Simon, with Donna Lie as the alternate.

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