USVI Public Libraries Needs Assessment Through Oct. 30, 2020

QualityMetrics, LLC in conjunction with the USVI Department of Planning and Natural Resources/Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DPNR/DLAM) is inviting U.S. Virgin Islands residents to offer feedback on behalf of USVI Public Libraries. Adding our voices to theirs will be very powerful towards improving library services.

Dr. Martha Kyrillidou of QualityMetrics, LLC has shared a message with all instructions for participation, which is below. Participate by filling in the online questionnaire form (link below). Optionally, you may also request an invite to one of a number of Zoom meeting calls to air your concerns.

Friends of St. Thomas Public Libraries would like to respectfully urge everyone to contribute to this critical documentation and help shape the future of our libraries. Deadline to respond: Friday, Oct. 30, 2020.


Dear Friends of the Library,

On behalf of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM), I would like to invite you to share your thoughts on the USVI Public Libraries. We have been working with DLAM documenting and understanding the needs of the USVI public libraries and developing future plans.

As you know the last decade has been full of challenges due to the economic downturns, the 2017 hurricanes and now COVID-19. The public libraries are at a crossroads and your feedback is critical and important in building the future of these important services.

Please respond on or before Friday, October 30, 2020 in order to be counted!


Do not reply to this email to participate. Instead, view the questions and respond via this link (Google form will open in your browser):

Also, if you are available for a phone call conversation at any of the following times, please let me know which of the following times/days you are available:

Monday Oct 26 @ 9 AM
Monday Oct 26 @ 10 AM
Monday Oct 26 @ 11 AM
Tuesday Oct 27 @ 9 AM
Wed Oct 28 @ 9 AM
Wed Oct 28 @ 10 AM
Wed Oct 28 @ 11 AM

Please email to participate in the virtual meeting call. I will follow up by sending you a zoom link and/or phone number you can use to join an in-person virtual group interview session.

Martha Kyrillidou, PhD, MEd, MLS | QualityMetrics, LLC | Helping Libraries Achieve Success
Silver Spring, MD |
Research Associate, iSchool, U of Illinois

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