I have received your email and thank you for your input and your interest.

More than two years ago I first proposed that we name the new facility in Tutu, the Charles Wesley Turnbull Regional Library. Please understand that I did not make this proposal lightly or without considering others in the community who made noteworthy contributions in the area of library science who are also due recognition for their unselfish service.

One impressive legacy of the Turnbull Administration is the landmark agreement between Denmark and the U.S. Virgin Islands to eventually return Danish West Indies records to the territory. A critical component of the agreement was the establishment of a suitable location to safeguard and protect these returned documents. Once properly implemented, this agreement can have a long lasting impact; for these records contain valuable information holding the key to many existing property disputes.

As Chairman of the Public Finance Authority, Governor Turnbull proposed and included funding in his successful historic building restoration program to construct a regional facility used by local, international and regional researchers to study Virgin Islands history and hosts gubernatorial records and presided over the groundbreaking which took place in the fall of 2006.

Ms. June Lindqvist and others have certainly rendered outstanding service in the fields of libraries and education and it is my plan that she in particular will be honored accordingly.  I have already submitted legislation to name the archival section in honor of Ms. Lindqvist, which I believe is most fitting.

It is traditional to honor the service of those who have held the highest elected office by naming a significant edifice in their honor. Protocol dictates a regional facility bear the name of one with regional recognition and impact like a former governor with an extensive background in all levels of education, history and administration, especially one whose vision and leadership contributed to its construction.

Again, thank you for your email. I am encouraged by the level of interest in this issue and hope we can continue to work together to see this new facility up and running. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any future ideas or concerns.

Shawn-Micheal Malone