Eye Q Program

(This program is currently on hiatus with FOSTPL, and the EyeQAdvantage company is now owned by Infinite Mind. Please follow this link to request information)

The Friends of St. Thomas Public Libraries is currently to piloting the Eye Q Reading Program (through funding provided by the Epstein Foundation for Enhanced Learning), a program which increases students’ speed and reading comprehension.

One hundred licenses were purchased and information about the program was sent out to all the public and private schools on the island. Presently there are 3 schools participating. They are (school co-ordinators noted):

Lockhart Elementary School — 10 students — Merle Vanterpool

Seventh day Adventist School — 11 students — Janice Williams

Sts. Peter and Paul — 22 students — Maria Daniel

The teachers have reported that students are excited about the EYE Q program, that they look forward to the Brain Enhancement Games and to increasing their reading speed and comprehension. The Friends of St. Thomas Public Libraries still has licenses available to give to other schools that may be interested in this program for their students.


Coordinator Violeta Mack-Donovan.